Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Virginmarys - King of Conflict

Raw Silk

This Maxonian trio is a superb raw rock outfit, their direct guitar drive and vocal bluster wrapped a little in songwriting silk, that finer quality perhaps as homage to hometown Maccelsfield’s historical industry. The impressive industry of their live gigs has been notably highlighted in recent reviews, and it is easy to hear in the energy of this recording. There are conventional pounding riffs [opener Dead Man’s Shoes; tenth Taking the Blame], the swagger of Oasis and other very British rock influences, and the occasional finesses of Foo Fighters [Just a Ride] all wrapped up in the package, but the key is to put it on loud, until they can be seen on stage. They are lyrically quite dark and intense, this too suggesting depth in the songwriting.

The deluxe edition contains three ‘stripped’ recordings which, not that it’s necessary, adds credence to their evident talent, but also aids a hearing of those storytelling lyrics, as with the powerful acoustic version of Just a Ride.

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