Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Stepping Stones

This ritual of stepping on stones out of the dark
has been imagined into existence by a god
or an oddball trickster – and I must cross daily
believing only the latter could create such a
precarious escape. If my two-faced provider
chanced them into being, then I too gamble on
their pattern when nights are the worst – not
just for not seeing [it is a different yet act of
faith all the same] – but because the next day
inevitably follows. When I fall, that too is a
coin-flip away from splatter or levitation, though
either is as fleeting as the occasional winnings.
Here is a rite of passage where the step away is
always ended on a stone stuck in its beginnings.


  1. More thought-provoking verse, Some Awe. Superb stuff.

  2. This is pure music! Your writing runs parallel to "real life" and informs it as well as reflecting it.

  3. Thank you. And good of you to stop by. Hope all is well.