Sunday, 1 January 2017

Faun Fables - Born of the Sun, album review

Swirling Comfortably Within Nostalgia's Tunneling Groove

The New Year finds us still looking backwards – well, to July 2016 when this album was released – but of course I mean a nostalgic sound, and Faun Fables as a freak folk duo of Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl does hark back to a pastoral music embodied by the obvious of Incredible String Band and Dr Strangely Strange, though I also hear, oddly perhaps, a little of Van Der Graff [Peter Hammill, really] in at least a couple of tracks Ta Nasza Mlodosc and Madman & Dogs, even a bit of Black Widow in the album’s title track, though it is not in the least occultist. Oh, and Beefheart in Wild Kids Rant, the liveliest on the album, though the echoing yodel at the start of last track Mountain and subsequent shouts have their own upbeat force. There is plenty of flute, harmonica too, and ruminations on living a simple life. It fits comfortably in this genre though doesn’t stand out – but when you are a part of that groove you swirl within its specialist tunnel.

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