Saturday, 21 January 2017

Gary Puckett - The Gary Puckett Album, album review

Shimmering Singer

Very much of its day, 1971, as a solo record: a mix of the saccharine and the more gutsy, all able to celebrate the beautiful voice of Puckett. He did have many hits other than Young Girl – one of the finest pop songs ever – but these did tend to emulate, not surprisingly, that template, so the opener on this album Gentle Woman does just that in its chorus, the horn ensemble bolstering to its emotive heights, and the soaring vocal truly dynamic. The saccharine is embraced in second Shimmering Eyes, though that voice is shimmering too, and I still like that whole-hearted immersion in the schmaltz of it all. Feeling Bad adds a gospel-esque and upbeat turn to the proceedings, and a cover of Delta Lady is one of the more memorably fine vehicles for a superlative singer and his singing.

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