Sunday, 8 January 2017

Gregory Porter - Live in Berlin, album review


This is a simple recommendation, with Gregory Porter's Take Me to the Alley my top pick of album in 2016, reviews of his work to date in support here, and the fact he was the best performer, along with Héloïse Letissier, on Jools Holland's Hootenanny this year [an increasingly bloated/regurgitated programme] - I don't watch live anymore, recording and listening to what I want afterwards. I liked his cover of Sunny.

This album captures Porter at his live finest, and that is a treat, especially because the band get their workouts, and in particular it is great to hear Chip Crawford on some extended piano. Genuine 'greats' from across his albums are showcased here, and this album is also available as a dvd/blueray recording of the show. I am happy with the soundtrack.

There are many live shows available on YouTube as well, always worth hearing and watching.

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