Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Reflections in Cosmo - Reflections in Cosmo, album review

Released on that Same Day

Here is some trumping Nordic noise to outtrump the Trump, familiar Scandinavian blasts of jazz sax and other accumulations of raucous energy, musically speaking, to expel the mud in the head since the 20th January, 2017 and all subsequent declarations of inanity. What we want is Kjetil Moster to place his baritone right up to the TrumpEar, beneath the weavewave of blondienuttiness and blast blast blast away.

That not being remotely possible – My Way plugged into the TrumpEar on an eternal loop to drown out all other sounds/all other advice and ideas and knowingness – you’ll have to listen and enjoy the ragings on your tod, expelling the echoing thoughts, if only for a while, and what has been happening.

It isn’t original but it is wonderfully chaotic and loud. Also with Hans Magnus Ryan on guitar, Stale Storlokken on keyboards and Thomas Stronen on drums.

As a final observation, cosmo as a prefix is a combining form of world and universe so as a title it acts as the ultimate antithesis to the Trumpview. Trump up its volume!

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