Monday, 30 January 2017

John Martyn - The Apprentice Tour

Always Hired

Anything and everything John Martyn did as a musician was wonderful. The Apprentice is a fine album, coming after his 80s' ones [excuse the mathematical platitude] that were so much a part of that distinctive decade, and this live recording from 1990 is excellent, combining as it does earlier songs - like The Easy Blues, May You Never, Dealer and Outside In - with a most beautiful performance of Never Let Me Go from the 80s album Well Kept Secret, and a rousing performance of this album's John Wayne. There is also the gorgeous Look At That Girl written for his daughter Mhairi who is in the audience. David Gilmore guests on this performance and the JW. This recording ends on the sublime One World. The concert is on YouTube so very easy to access for a listen.

Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of John's sad passing, aged 60, so I am still listening today, but then I always am.

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