Monday, 16 January 2017

Jane Ira Bloom - Early Americans, album review


This is a tight trio offering, drummer Bobby Previte shining through on a little run in opener Song Patrol – mentioned simply because it stood out as I just listened – but it is the close companionship of the three instruments that is brightest throughout. Bloom’s fluid playing is immediately cascading in second Dangerous Times, and the clarity of melodic runs is showcased in the solo track of third, Nearly. Mark Helias plucks out a sweet riff to start Other Eyes, and this bass and soprano sax duet is a spacious if gentle conversation. There is a Latin-esque groove to seventh Rhyme or Rhythm, and I like the overdubbed effects that swell out the sound of the sax here, the percussive rhythms dancing with that electronic rhyming. This is a full collection of thirteen songs, and the last is a Bloom solo of the well-known Somewhere which is slow and smooth, soprano rising to those expectant high notes beautifully.

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