Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Cream: Farewell Concert 1968, aside

Never Mind the Paint Splodges

Watching this wonderful BBC film of the Cream concert tonight on Sky Arts [ignore the hypercritisicm of nerds about sound quality, visual continuity, 'not their greatest live performance' observations] and there is a twee anachronistic narration by Patrick Allen that interjects in the playing of Spoonful - all plum BBC received pronunciation - that is so pompous and pedantic about the use of a visual medium in such performances/recordings which is in reality the simple projection of moving paint splodges common at the time [popularised by Pink Floyd?]. I love that orchestrated juxtaposition of old/new culture: the established validating the 'other' by its superior overview, whether critical or explaining - the very act of commentating an acknowledgement of its existence even if there is a controlling element to that describing.

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