Tuesday, 29 September 2015

John Lydon Interview

Weasel and the Wonderful 

I've never watched one of Piers Morgan's TV interviews, not liking the weaselly man, so that says something about the appeal of John Lydon that I did watch their recent television chat [and I post a picture with one of the two's back to camera].

It was a wonderful talk from Lydon who seems a genuinely individual character, full of creative energy, honesty, compassion, and a cast-iron love and affection for family and friends. There were times when PM tried to cut him off or to pursue a question at the expense of allowing Lydon to explore/expand [though I accept that there seemed to be some regular editing] and yet John would persist - he always answered and spoke with absolute transparency, and a large dose of common sense and wisdom. Quite impressive. It reminded me - a little obtusely but nonetheless pertinently - of the negative image and attendant expectation attached to Corbyn and McDonnell and how their calm forthrightness in recent public appearances has completely contradicted the cynical predictions. Perhaps Lydon could join the Shadow Cabinet as Minister for Culture.

Having listened to Lydon's latest album in his band Public Image Limited, reviewed here, I want to mention that I have revisited this and it is excellent and actually deserves a more detailed, complimentary and less 'witty' review then the one I wrote and posted - but this acknowledgement will have to do. There has also very recently been a release of the remastered PiL back-catalogue and I intend to check this out, genuinely excited as it will be completely new to me.

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