Sunday, 22 November 2015

Arabs In Aspic - Victim Of Your Father's Agony, album review

Remarkable Remaking

More Scandinavian sweetness with progrock ‘n’ roll, less psychedelic and more West Coast in its 70s influences, a little bit of Barclay James Harvest and King Crimson meets ELO and/or the Beatles: second Sad Without You is a delicate pop-celebration of quite glorious harmony and, in this case, the sadness of sadness, where the persona tells us I sit in a tree drawing portraits of me [it sounds like ‘throwing’ which would be suitably oblique, but I think it is accent]; and third One is more along the prog trajectory with a heavy organ in support. Both of these are brilliant. Fifth God Requires Insanity delivers a requisite riff before the mellotron and organ join the creative clichés – I think this Norwegian band has tuned into its precursors with a remarkable talent for remaking. The closing title track is quite simply an excellent harmony-rich and instrumentally space-jazz paean to prog.

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