Friday, 13 November 2015

Nik Turner - Space Fusion Odyssey, album review

Spaced Out 

If the band Farout and its 1979 album Further Out were definitely not Far Out [previous post], Nic Turner, founding member of Hawkwind, and his album Space Fusion Odyssey of 2015 is without question the encapsulation of all that is Out in the Farness of musical jazz fusion and space rock.

With his Interplanetary Arkestra of various members from bands Gong, Amon Dull II and Soft Machine as well as individuals like Steve Hillage, Billy Cobham and Robby Krieger, the spaced-out lineage is legendary.

Second and third tracks Hypernova and Spiritual Machines feature respectively Nick on saxophone and flute, the first played through faroutting effects and the second more conventional within the fuzzing guitar and pounding Cobham drums. All of the tracks are instrumental trajectories to familiar if distant planets and solar systems, but the flights there are hypersleep-smooth or electrifying when looking out of the portals at the passing psychedelic patterns and spatial distortions. 

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