Friday, 6 November 2015

Eartheater - RIP Chrysalis, album review

Creative Counter

This is a mesmerising listen, the phenomenal vocal of Alexandra Drewshin displaying the rich purpose and effect of experimentation, underpinned by the astonishing range. This is also all buttressed by electronica as well as conventional instrumentation - like violin on Rip Chrysalis where we also get the first exotic taste of her voice, a high-pitched sound cued from the tone of that violin.

Before this, the nearly seven minute opener Utterly Fx is a pulsating panorama of that electronica, and closing on other sampled sounds. There is a genuine cleverness to the arrangement of many of these, like the brooding choir that intervenes at the end of RC. A simply plucked banjo beneath further strings moves on to another difference with Human Hymn, the tightly harmonised vocal also a shift. Vocal hiccups continue the experimental.

Whilst I am consistent in berating the cliched affectation of so much female vocal these days, this is a creative counter to my disdain and proving how playfulness and creative integrity can produce genuine quality over mere copycatting.

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