Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Sonic Dawn - Perception, album review

Danish Dawn

Scandinavian psychedelia [retro, like their rock] continues its celebration of past musical mornings as Danish band The Sonic Dawn shine their soft-psyche light on Hendrix-esque rhythmic riffs and bluesy memorabilia, sunbeamed throughout with other rays like a little bit of Doors here and there, and always that guitar echoing and wah-wahing. The bluesy funk is sweetly evident on tracks like An Easy Heart to Break and All the Ghosts I Know, and on this latter the guitar work is especially bright without ever ripping it up: it is a measured morning lighting-up after all. The songs are largely melodious and seventies-groovy, a track like The Mustang beginning with some rock-umph and then settling into sitar-soothing meanderings, Hammond clouds puffing by. There's acoustic blues on Black Cat Woman, and closer Fading Star is beautifully lit.

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