Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Zombies - Live In Concert At Metropolis Studios London, album review

The Lucky 120

Watched The Zombies [Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent] on a recent Later.....with Jools and these two were outstanding: Blunstone in superb voice and Argent great on keys. This live recording of a 2011 live concert at the Metropolis Studio, London, is equally outstanding: the band are hot throughout, and the accompanying vocals in support of Blundstone are studio-superb.

All the songs are performed to perfection - the excellent cover of Ruffin's What Becomes of a Broken Heart; Argent's new song I Do Believe, which later appeared on their 2011 album Breathe Out, Breathe In, is vocally sublime from Blunstone and accompanying singers - but its quite natural to listen especially for the rendition of the 'hits', songs from long ago and variously from bands The Zombies and Argent as well as the solo career of Blunstone, so Time of the Season takes me back to The Rock Machine Turns You On from 1968 when I first heard this, and the echo is perfect - that cool exhalation - with Argent on fine organ swirls; whilst wonderful performances of Say You Don't Mind and I Don't Believe in Miracles, which are sung with glorious clarity up to his falsetto from Blunstone, are punctuated by a rousing presentation of the Argent classic Hold You Head Up.

This will have been an astonishing gig for the 120 people who saw it. The recording has captured it brilliantly.


  1. Love these guys! Lenny the Lamp does lights for them when they play locally. I got rather obsessed with Oddesey and Oracle a few summers back, and along with Forever Changes by Love and classics of that ilk the cliche "timeless" truly applies.

    1. Yes, great music at the time, and now.