Friday, 6 November 2015

Kristian - Kristian [1972], album review

Finnish Feelgood Funk and Other

Two tracks below from a fine Finnish album from 1972. Hit Him Hard is the second track on the album, and has a clear echo of a Kossoff riff in its wah-wah, funky guitar. It is a slow blues funk with excellent vocal harmony from Irina Milan and Timo Lindstrom. The sudden wild organ burst is superb, played either by Esa Kotilainen or Kaj Westerlund. Afterwards is the eighth track, and this is pop folk, Irina in beautiful voice, leading into soaring harmonies and some requisite folk-jazz flute. Other solid tracks are opener King of the World with its soulful chorus and organ surges, third Sit Down and Laugh with its wah-wah again, fourth Sleepful Night which returns to some groovy funk in its rhythm a la Dr Feelgood [slowed down], and sixth, the ballad My Love Song with its West Coast harmonies and organ core. All songs are written by Bengt Huhta, and the English lyrics are at times quite complex/developed, just out of interest.

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