Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Aquarius, TV Series


I’ve just watched the first episode of Aquarius, the David Duchovny led TV programme set in 1967 LA and revolving around the Charlie Manson ‘story’.

I mention here because it has a superb soundtrack – with songs by Manson himself – though they are mainly quick snippets. However, so far the ’67 selection is pieced together with some flair.

Duchovny sports an emblematic flat-top haircut to consolidate his stereotypical role as a law officer, and the presentation of the hippie/freak scene is somewhat clichéd, though I wouldn’t want to be making excuses for the world of Charlie Manson. What I think is rather condescending is Duchovny’s ‘superior’ take on the moment, and I feel this has more to do with what we can accept as a retrospective appreciation of the honest if hopeful nativity of that time, but I don’t accept such an awareness could have been as knowing then as it has been conveyed in the opening episode.

I look to the programme to somehow convey the charisma of Manson, rather than just his monstrous being. If the programme is to have genuine merit it has to present the complex rather than a crime soap opera, as compelling as the acting and setting can make even that.

I do look forward to the further selection of that soundtrack.

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