Friday, 14 August 2015

Vintage Trouble - 1 Hopeful Rd, album review

Vintage Bubble

It is interesting to come to this second album by Vintage Trouble [first album reviewed here] immediately off the back of listening to the Thorogood: opening track Run Like the River begins with a scorching slide guitar  then stomping drums before Ty Taylor enters with his exquisite rasping vocal. This is a proper rouser.

The vintage sound is in this energetic rock, the internal descending riff having an echo of Led Zep. This is followed by a seismic shift to the sweet spectrum end of Tyler's vocal, where his soul voice on From My Arms is caressed by the bands backing soul chorus. So too the next, Doin' What You Were Doin' which is more old-school soul balladry, beautifully reconstituted for our nostalgic urges. Then fourth Angel City, California is a rocking blues with a classic chugging riff.

This is the wonderful pattern, though there are other variants on the vintage theme: My Heart Won't Fall Again showcases Tyler's vocal in a more popsoul vein; Another Man's Words has a gospel embrace; Before the Tear Drops is soulful blues; Another Baby is Stones-esque riffrock. The band do not burst the bubble of this highly successful capture of a former time and sound.

Superb sophomore success.

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