Friday, 21 August 2015

The Delta Saints - Bones, album review

Moody Rock

Psychedelic voodoo rock from Nashville. Opener Sometimes I Worry is the pinpricked exemplar for this apt summation of the band and its sound – not mine, sadly, but from their own site, so that’s authentic enough – with its brooding riff and vibrato guitar-sounds instilling just enough eerie to sound spooky. Elsewhere the other interpretations of the blues are glossed by funky beats and a band grooved as one tight outfit, as on fourth Zydeco. Fifth Butte La Rose is a chugging blues ballad and showcases the fine vocal of Ben Ringel, whilst next Dust is similarly moody with that voice, and the guitar fuzz adds its own sense of pain to the narrative about losing a farm, the closing guitar wailing in anger. Next again, My Love, builds from an acoustic start and presents a folk edge with band harmonies. Hints of The Arctic Monkeys on Into the Morning surprise a little, but overall this wears its appealing modernity from further back.

photo by Melissa Madison Fuller

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