Sunday, 16 August 2015

Georgie Fame & Madeline Bell - Singer, album review

Bell Resonates

Conceived and written in 1984 by Steve Gray, and initially recorded in Holland in 1985 with Georgie Fame and Madeline Bell as respectively narrator and singer in the story of the problematic rise of a female vocalist, this 2004 live matinee performance recording was made in Tilburg, Holland with an orchestra and choir, and released finally in 2014.

The musical narrative is, apparently, based on a true story, but in this respect it is generic in the tale of someone who loses artistic integrity during the climb to success [as demonstrated in the title of this song That's How Hit Records Are Made (The Crap Song)], so it precedes X-Factor et al by some few years and develops and presents its storyline with significantly more flair and imagination than the backdrop sob stories of the contemporary televised alternatives.

It also features a genuinely important and proven voice in Madeline Bell, though for some – me included – there isn’t enough of this. The orchestrations can be time-consuming, and Georgie Fame has his own regular slots to allow Bell less for herself. I actually like Fame and his singing, which is distinct to say the least, but it is an acquired taste. However, it is an enjoyable listen overall, especially if you also like a big band sound.

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