Monday, 31 August 2015

Motörhead - Bad Magic, album review

The Same But Not The Same

Writing a review of Motörhead's latest and 22nd album doesn't require much thought or explaining - it is Motörhead playing what Motörhead always play, Lemmy leading the line with Rock's greatest growling rock and pounding rock.

But I did think about mentioning how rerto-rock and real rock are by their very nature the same and generally indistinguishable, though that immediately made me think how Motörhead as a band does have a distinctive sound, as does AC/DC, and especially The Rolling Stones which is interesting as the final track on this album is Sympathy for the Devil which is definitely not like The Rolling Stones but definitely Motörhead.

And thus my retro/real rock line is dismantled though what I was really trying to do was acknowledge the continuing presence of the former in continuing the sound of the latter.

So that is a little more said than the simplicity of saying that Bad Magic is vintage Motörhead, and Thunder & Lightning is my favourite classic Motörhead track on this album, though Shoot Out All of Your Lights amazes with its energy.

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