Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Deradoorian - The Expanding Flower Planet, album review

Playful and Complex

A delightful solo debut album, this is all to do with Angel Deradoorian’s voice and the many complex vocal structures she builds around this. Her singing is clear and pure, folky rather than bluesy or rock, and she builds layers of additional vocal around this constant core, from obvious harmony to choric orchestration. Komodo, for example is operatic in the clustering of sound, whilst Your Creator is a playful pop ditty with quite simplistic singing and songcraft in dramatic contrast. The opening A Beautiful Woman has a merging of such playfulness and complexity, another simple melody with cascading vocal harmonies to enliven its effect. The second and title track is one of the more ambitious, percussion and chants and an eventual mashing of sounds keeps it interesting. I particularly like the dissonance and crisscrossing voices of later Dark Lord; even later The Eye is quite experimental, reminding of Bjork at times, but then that would be an obvious touchstone for describing Deradoorian’s approach. Closer Grow begins in a conventional folk vein before venturing into more psychedelic territory.

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