Wednesday, 12 August 2015

WolveSpirit - Free, album review

Rock Translation

As band WolveSpirit itself describes its music: WolveSpirit machen Rock. Guten alten, ehrlichen Rock. Mit heavy Gitarrenriffs, groovigen Drums, einem Bass, der deine Hose unterhalb deiner Knie flattern lässt, und natürlich einer wunderbar singende Hammond Organ.

This German collective do indeed feature Hammond Organ and the singing from Debbie to join an ever-increasing line of bands into retro-rock with pleasing aplomb. It isn't original, but it is faithful, the songs primarily riff-driven with the occasional anthemic contribution like Angelman, or even folk leanings as the opening to Moonlight, though the riff soon usurps.

Sehr gut.

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