Monday, 24 August 2015

Craig Erickson - Sky Train Galaxy, album review

Exemplary Player

New to me, Craig Erickson is a genuine journeyman out of Iowa and a genuine talented guitar axeman who has quite a prolific recording history prior to this latest release, and he deserves attention for the superb quality of his playing, every track on this album demonstrating flair and innate touch. Grooveyard Records [where you usefully can sample some tracks] do him no favours by making comparisons with a superfluous list of other 'greats' in presenting this album, and as player I wouldn't refute the comparison, but in terms of singing and even songwriting he doesn't always grab the attention - but whenever letting it rip or even soloing with gentler whines and wails Erickson is exemplary, Illusions of the World a stunning illustration of the many facets of his guitar art.

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