Thursday, 29 October 2015

Belle Shnetzler Encore

Note of Nostalgia

With reference to my previous post, this is indeed the Bell Schnetzler who attended my American high school in Karlsruhe, Germany, and she did record about two or three songs so I hope that in some way fulfilled her senior year’s aspiration to have a ‘Career in Music (Voice)’ as stated in our yearbook Der Kavalier.

Whilst I actually knew and hung out with a few seniors and juniors – at the smoker’s area across from the school – I didn’t know Belle. To be honest, we were the ‘cool heads’ and I think Belle was studious and serious, cooler qualities in so many ways, so we never mixed, not even in passing.

As well as a few record cover photos which I will post at the end, I did translate - via the translate 'button', and it is as ever a fascinating manipulation of language and new oblique meaning - this piece of info from the original page here [in case you want to read in German], and it is all simply a small piece of personal history for me, and of course Belle, which I discovered today:

About Belle Schnetzler's short musical career can be found next to nothing. Belle then studied literature and Prehistory and Early History in Hamburg and Munich. Good thing the record company Hansa talks a little about them out of school ...

From American world Raumer City Huntsville comes the 23-year-old Belle shredder,
with "Forever - until death separates us" her first solo record submitted. Since 1966 she has lived in Germany and studied archeology and languages. "Sung I actually always been," she says, "but constantly in school and church choirs."

Only with the singing lessons came the desire to try it again alone.
Against the advice of her singing teacher, the Belle would rather have settled in classical music, she decided to try it with Pop. Peter Meisel heard a demonstration tape of her and decided - Belle is produced by me.

Two tracks from the American bestseller list has got the beautiful Belle for their German record:
"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" is many weeks No. 1 have been in the US, as well.: "Follow me" is a sophisticatedly beautiful folk-rock songs from the US charts. No doubt: All signs point to an important career for Belle shredder.

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