Friday, 23 October 2015

Nebraska 40 - Omaha from Walter Trout's new album Battle Scars

I can't stand up, and I'm afraid that I might fall...

Whilst focusing on my Nebraska and Omaha thread with this posting, I want to also acknowledge this is a powerful album from Trout, his first since his struggle with liver failure, subsequent liver transplant and recovery. Naturally, the songs here feature direct and indirect reflections on that experience, most notably his brush with death, and they all bear the signature rockblues guitar power of Trout's songwriting and performance.

Omaha is very much about survival, its chorus down in Omaha and the very repetition of the word Omaha taking on a portentous groove - not surprising as Trout was in the liver ward of the Nebraska Medical Centre for five months, so place and situation become the core for this particular recounting of his battle. Whilst the albums title includes the word Scars, this song and others are imbued with as much a sense of victory as damage.

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