Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Promised Land Sound - For Use and Delight, album review

Leanings Again

Nashville band Promised Land Sound further the retro leanings I have invoked and reviewed previously with Israel Nash, though this album is much less into the expansive landscape of lush harmonies and more rock oriented in a spectrum that can be usefully namechecked to embrace The Band and Matthews Southern Comfort. Various tracks chart the breadth within this: opener Push and Pull [All the Time] is one of the more reliant on vocal harmonies a la West Coast and with a tilt at Country lilt before an extended guitar jam; fifth Dialogue is an acoustic bluesfolk guitar instrumental; seventh Golden Child is a rocker with psychedelic tints in its upbeat hue, again an extended guitar jam revealing the band's spacier inclinations; ninth Better Company is a folky dirge with sweet harmony, and tenth Northern Country Scene is an ethereal song nestling in the penultimate slowdown spot on the album's chilled closing.

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