Saturday, 24 October 2015

Into the Distance Music 17

Of all my themed album cover searches and collections, I have been surprised how many times an 'open road' or similar leading into the distance is used as the central image. Even more surprising are the number of bridges that appear on album covers. I can to a degree understand the 'distance' motif, probably as journey to take or taken, but the bridge placement is less obvious [and it isn't about linkage...].

Other common images are trees, and I started to post these but they just didn't engage [me, that is] so I stopped collecting and deleted what I had. Animals are everywhere, so apart from 'dogs and owners' I am less inclined to collect here as well. I have become fond of other categories, but as I have a proliferation of the two  mentioned in the opening paragraph, these will reoccur more than the rest. For now.

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