Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Israel Nash - Silver Season, album review

Permeating Permutations

Pedal steel is the prominent addition to this fundamentally West Coast sound, harmonies often reminding of that other equally 70s inspired contemporary act Fleet Foxes, but the beacon here is also and absolutely Neil Young, and more often than not the Young/Stills Band incarnation. Whatever the lineage and mix, this is a gorgeous album and I have been listening to it for three days.

Parlour Song sweeps across the aural vista on a light breeze of harmony, Nash’s lead vocal bringing warmth to the late-night sustaining, distant guitars and other electronic night-time insect noises merging in a psychedelic turbulence that dies back down to its tumbleweed close. Another glorious swath of harmonious beauty is introduced by the King Crimson-esque start to L.A. Lately [like a lost segment from In the Wake of Poseidon] and when the pedal steel and harmony usurp this other precursor it is a further sweep of the sweetest Laurel Canyon reminiscence. Lavendula is another lush if moderately uptempo extension of this prettiness, distinct Bee Gees sounding vocal harmonies in the background. Really. The haunting A Coat of Many Colors is more than just the ghost of Neil Young in the descending vocal line, that pedal steel again permeating with atmospherics.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes it to a fourth straight day, and of course then beyond.

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