Saturday, 24 December 2011

12 Days Before Christmas Final Poem

Stocking My Moods Near A Christmas Evening
(after Frost)

Whose moods these are I think I know.
My self is in the need to show
I may not want the stopping here
To be all there is before I go.

My little time could now be near
To stop and sense all learning dear
Between what moods of give and take
Are the darkest of this year.

I gave to all who would partake
Or even ask if it was a mistake.
The only other sounds to keep
Are lives who are yet to wake.

The moods are loving, dark and deep,
But I have one promise to keep,
And a while to go before I sleep,
And a while to go before I sleep.


  1. I have read all of your Christmas poems with interest and I think they sum up the season itself - there's snow, fluff and fun as well as a helping of melancholy and some profound reflection. Would really like to read some of the prose you mentioned?
    Happy Christmas! Hope Rudolf stays off the Smirnoff long enough to make sure Santa finds you ;0)

  2. Well done for persevering! Have a good one yourself. I'll sort some prose stuff for you.