Sunday, 18 December 2011

12 Days Before Christmas Poems

Christmas Ode V
(after Pope)

What dire offence from politicians springs,
What mighty changes rise from trivial things,
I sing - This verse BLUNKETT, a Muse is due
Because, although blind, he must have a view
Of how recent events cannot bring praise
When all about him the gloom still lays.
  Say what strange motives, for heaven's sake, could compel
A well-bred Socialist to assault with such hell
Teachers who have as yet their happiness unexplored
(A little like Hague as to a recently departed Lord)?
In decisions so bold, can such little men engage
In others' bosoms this quite mighty Rage?
  As if through curtains there shoots a ray
Of fleeting sun, this is what we want to say:
Now lap-dogs, give yourselves a rousing shake
And like sleeping tossers, decide to awake.
Thrice ring the mental bell, beat head against the ground,
And let us hear a more sagacious sound:
Blunkett from his Tory-like downy pillow prest
Raises a head from such balmy, barmy rest
And thus summoned from the ministerial bed
His morning-dream hovers inside an enlightened head.
  New fairest of mortals, show a distinguished care
To distribute largess like the Inhabitants of Air
To everyone. If this be but one Blunkett thought
Let the Nurse Blair and Priest Brown see it brought
By treasury Elves in moonlight shadows seen -
A whole-profession token of spendable green
(Or whatever colour gives money powers)
So like golden crowns it's our heavenly flowers.
Hear and believe! thy own importance know,
Not bound any longer by narrow thoughts below
Like secrets from a learned pride concealed,
But now have real care and concern revealed.

- 1998 -

[NB David Blunkett was the then Labour Secretary of State for Education and Employment]

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