Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Janks – Hands Of Time

Hotel Hoppers

Here are the latest residents at the Harmony Hotel, and on the evidence of this debut album they are fully paid up for a long-stay commitment. As has been observed by industry experts in various Harmonious Hotelier Handbooks, The Janks have their suitcases visibly decorated with Fleet Foxes locations, these contemporary fellow travellers themselves well known for carrying the precious baggage of 60s and 70s west coast vocal surfers and sunshine singers

The Janks have obviously met up with and been influenced by others in the lounges and bars visited on their journey. I can hear a fair snatch of The Beatles in a number of tracks, some Yes prog on Rat Racers, a slightly worrying hint of the Coldplay Motel Chain on Echo Whispers, and it is also clear that trips to the circus have left their ringside musical influences. But throughout what are undoubtedly also hitchhiked rides, The Janks have retained their soaring harmonies as residential roots and this album is definitely worth your visit and enjoyable aural stay.

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