Monday, 12 December 2011

Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power - Practice in the Milky Way

At The Alter Of Cloud's Gutter Church

Beefheart meets Drury meets in the gutter and speaks gutter French and gutter lyrics to girls with gutter thoughts – not the girls’, not the Spotty Bird’s – and even Guy de Maupassant is dragged down into the act or to The Nudist Camp where Cloud’s slow growl intones girl, when I first met you I was scared to go without my shirt and pants but eventually, at ease, feels the breeze tickling through my knees. Strange.

Listening to twelfth track Surfer Joe and its spoken narrative with echo I was reminded of the raw rock of 70s biker-group Circuit Rider, and right on cue, next track School of Hard Knoxsville opens with the idle then roar of a Harley. Spooky. It’s not a particularly interesting track but for that surprise link.

It’s an uneven collection and at twenty tracks, too many, but the punk and raw rock of the whole makes it rough and ready as a listen. Song titles like Sky High On My New Bimbo, Bring On The Nubiles, Eat Me Raw and Spanky Spank paint the lyrical preoccupations with a big and dirty brush. Salacious. It’s dubious stuff, but that’s the appeal, and Spanky Spank for example is humorously hypnotic, but it won't keep you in this state that long.

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