Thursday, 22 December 2011

12 Days Before Christmas Poems

I don't know if anyone has followed/stuck with these? Only two more days to go. The poems, especially pastiches, did over the years become increasingly dark! From the tenth Stocking Fillers onwards to the final eighteenth, I did start writing prose pieces - not reproduced here - where I tried to be more humorous [satirical], though even these had the angry edge of a teacher intolerant of largely external forces impacting on internal reactions. Whilst Christmas time should be one of celebration and relaxation - indeed, placed their historically, socially and culturally to provide that annual psychological need - in the teacher's world it also came at the end of the longest full term. In looking to revisit and find just a few more lighter ditties to put here, I was bemused to find that as early as 1995 I had become aware that writing at this time of year made the more negative slant inevitable:

Time Of The Month

Bright Yuletide iambic pentameters
Must needs be composed in calm September.

The first Stocking Fillers poem I ever wrote did take a tilt at the light:


Everyone knows

Santa drinks
Fanta and his

reindeer have ginger
beer, but

Rudolf knocks back

which explains the red nose.

Well, I tried! Here's another of the apposite fluffy variety:


its cleanness
the coldness
and softness
the lightness
with fullness
its roundness
and flatness
the calmness
the wholeness
its richness


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  1. I do like a bit of fluffy poetry now and again. I love the idea of Rudolf's nose being the result of his Slmirnoff habit! Ha ha:-)