Wednesday, 21 December 2011

12 Days Before Christmas Poems

Upon The Circumcision
(after Milton)

Ye flaming Powers and winging Politicians bright
That erst with dictate and triumphant wrong
Pass on the baton to Morris' care,
So sweetly sung your Joy of Reform along
Through the silence of our suffering blight;
Now mourn and be sad to share with those who bear
Your fiery effluence, and the distilled tear
That makes up all our morrow
Burning in the depth of sorrow.
She who with all New Labour heraldry whileare
Enter'd our world, now bleeds us as if to please;
Alas, how doomed our skin,
   Sore, doth begin
      Our pleasures to cease!

- 2001 -

[NB Estelle Morris was the then Labour Secretary of State for Education and Skills]

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