Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Surprise Songs

Nigel Kennedy - The Four Elements

I shouldn't be surprised because the man is a genius, as eccentric as he may be/appear at times, and the track Air on this album is superb. There is a Vaughan Williams beauty in the violin soar as the track begins, and as this moves into the female folk vocal, that pastoral echo is consolidated. Then the violin explodes - as you're hoping knowing this is a concoction of styles - and the electric oriental/psychedelic solo is just how I love my rock violin. I was surprised the track didn't return to its folk start to perform the obvious cycle, but it ends instead on a smooth jazz note with violin and trumpet. There is a surprise element in that the album isn't consistent in terms of replicating the brilliance of this track, but that's not to say there aren't plenty of surprises - liked or unliked - throughout this whole lively and typically eclectic creation.


  1. I agree that "Air" is the track one wants to listen to again and again, but I'm also finding that repeated listening to the other tracks is bringing out surprise felicities that one hadn't noticed before. This is an album that keeps giving ! I can't wait to hear what Nigel has done with his new 4 Seasons recording !

  2. Glad you like 'Air' too, and I agree the further listening discovers other gems. I'm not convinced by Kenndy's spoken interludes! I like listening to him talk because he's surprising at times, but I don't think it works here, though it's minimal I admit. Thanks for stopping by.